When both of Jill Goldstein’s feet hit the ground each day, her mind is already strides ahead on leading others to greater success. The president and founder of JGoldsteinPR immerses herself as an extension of her clients’ livelihood. And… it is quite the clientele list, including best-selling crime author Karin Slaughter, PBS Distribution, Covenant Review, Moonrocks International, Maxine Tall Management, and Air Bud Entertainment, to name just a few.
      For 20 years, success at JGoldsteinPR has mirrored Jill’s track record of working with everyday people to renowned international clientele. Prior to becoming a growing entrepreneur with a full-time staff at JGoldsteinPR in the heart of downtown New York, she started her career at a small entertainment PR firm in the Big Apple in 1987. For someone known as the “Xerox girl” and without her own desk, Jill Goldstein treated each experience like gold, found humility, and paid her dues.
      Within 12 years at the entertainment firm, Jill earned her way to executive vice-president. The “Xerox girl” not only had her own desk, but she ran the agency from every corner of it. Her leadership and love for people didn’t allow her a lot of desk time, however, as she was busy building a team of amazing people to nurture such clientele like CBS/Fox Video, Columbia House, ABC Video, Warner Bros Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Video, Wellspring Media, and much more.
      Today, JGoldsteinPR depicts Jill’s leadership on a global scale. Her firm interpersonally indulges your story, your brand, your traditional and social media needs, and your next big thing. After all, she assisted a major foundation in gaining media attention for rescuing children sex slaves in Southeast Asia on the Tyra Banks Show while helping raise $20,000 in support of the girls. In addition, she created a PR campaign to launch the popular children’s show, The Wiggles, in the United States, and coordinated a press conference for the home video, “Man on the Moon”—a media event that featured Walter Cronkite and Buzz Aldrin. Every interaction in life for Jill Goldstein is a story. When those two feet of hers hit the ground each morning, her very little free time is devoted to making strides in the lives of children. Jill is relentless in ending segregation in the New York public school system, and her new foundation, H.O.P.E., will bring out the best in underprivileged kids through uniting all socioeconomic and multicultural families and children.

About Us

      JGoldsteinPR is a boutique public relations and social media firm that handles a diverse range of clients. Currently, the firm handles consumer and trade publicity, social media campaigns as well as special events for their clients. JGPR specializes in streamlining and executing campaigns that are most effective for each client, as well as carefully strategizing corporate positioning within the marketplace that will maximize sales.
      For the past 20 years, JGPR has formed strong relationships with key media. Our extensive and ever-growing media list consists of the top names in consumer and industry publications, including magazines, newspapers, television, radio, internet sites, e-zine and blogs. Through those relationships with each reporter and editor, and through our pitching skills, JGPR clients have benefited in many ways. Our clients have received priceless coverage in the top North American and International media outlets.
      With the increasing popularity of digital interfacing, social media has become imperative to all marketing campaigns. We provide a consistent social media campaign for our clients that increases their audience reach, potential partnerships... and overall branding.
      JGPR has represented celebrities and streamlined media tours for some of the best known names in the world. In addition, we have created major exposure for some of the hottest children’s television properties, arranged special events and parties, and have handled publicity for the launch of new products.

Our Innovative Tactics

      Strategically positioned press releases;
      Targeted media distribution;
      Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter page creation and maintenance;
      Extensive follow-up with key media;
      Media interviews and press luncheons;
      Specialized blogger campaigns (ie mommy bloggers)
      Media and customer film/video screenings;
      National and local radio promotions;
      Media tours;
      EPK (electronic press kit) coordination;
      Press events; and
      Press conferences

We Produce

      Extensive media contacts and resources help us create an interest and excitement “buzz” that goes beyond traditional PR and social media efforts. We handle product publicity, new product introductions, company launches and brand imaging.
      JGPR creates national, international and regional public relations campaigns to generate public and industry awareness utilizing media placement, promotional tie-ins, social media, and other strategic tools. By implementing strategically thought out campaigns and successful tactics, JGPR’s clients have seen success and exposure in amounts that money can’t buy.
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